Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm really not busy. I don't know where the hours/days/weeks go!

I'm busy preparing for our first Mom's Night In Book Club meeting at our house and wondering where I'm going to hide these boxes? There are STILL 3-4 boxes in the dining room that do not have a home. I just want to throw them in the attic and forget they exist.

It's eleven o'clock and I really just want to be in bed. Tomorrow night we're having a taco bar with all the fixings. I'm looking forward to it! I need to get in there and brown the ground beef and dice/chop/shred the vegetables. Hopefully, there will be a second meeting of our newly formed book club.

Oh, Jack Jack took at least 7 steps unassisted last Friday at our playdate. He's been walking a couple of steps here and there. I just think he was trying to keep up with the bigger kids!

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