Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day really was a great day! We spent some time out in the pool with the boys. I think the older I get, the colder the water seems to get. I used to be able just to submerge myself or even dive right in. Now, the slow method is the way to go, it seems.

We went to eat at our favorite little mexican resaurant. The waiters and waitresses were bringing roses to all the mothers at the tables. One more reason this restaurant will stay my favorite.

We came home and did some more work around the house. It's really getting there. Albeit, slowly!

As if spending time with my boys wasn't enough, for Mother's Day, I received two Bougainvillea Topiaries and two planters for either side of our front door. I was happy!

The above photo is from the site of the company which grew the topiaries we purchased, Topiary Creations, Inc. out of Naples, Florida.

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