Friday, August 24, 2007

Coming up on my 33rd birthday. Man...where has the time gone...really? I don't feel 33. Although I'm sure I look it! Everytime I pluck another grey hair from my head, I'm aware that two will grow back in its place. But, I'd much rather grow older than suffer the alternative.

For my birthday my husband bought me a new car (Tahoe). I'm thinking it pretty much will serve as a present for my next 20 holidays! Owen was visibly upset when the salesman drove our old car away. He screamed, "Hey, you bring our car back!" Once he realized he could watch movies in mom's car just like in dad's truck, he forgot all about the Trailblazer. Poor car, it really was a good vehicle.

The mom's group slumber party was so much fun. We stayed up until four in the morning playing games and talking. We definitely needed that! I'm really happy that I started the group when I moved here. Some of the ladies are really starting to become great friends of mine.

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