Friday, November 30, 2007

Just when I was doing so well with remembering to blog, it's time to leave on our Disney World vacation!

I've been running around crazy these past couple of days trying to get all the Christmas decorations out and up so we can come back to a decorated house. I had a little help with the tree.
You can barely see the little stinker in the corner.  He brought the stroller over so his partner in crime could reach higher.
It's kind of hard to get mad at them for just wanting to help.

We'll be back on the 7th! We're taking the motor home up . However, we'll be parking it once we arrive because we are staying at Coronado Springs. I've stayed at Port Orleans twice and never anywhere else, so I hope it compares. I'm going to miss taking the boat to Downtown Disney from Port Orleans, though. :(

As soon as we return, I have to get busy since I'm hosting my first cookie exchange on the 9th. Also, we're having the Bake-A-Thon on the 15th. This will be the fourth year!

Heather-I wrote you an e-mail, I hope you received it! :)

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