Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pictures from New Orleans
I'm about a week late in posting these since we left last Friday and arrived home last Sunday...

We managed to fit 7 people (including two car seats and all our luggage) into my vehicle for the ride to New Orleans. That was a miracle in itself, I think. As a result, we all packed a little lighter than we would normally and I left my camera at home. The pictures below were taken by my niece and a couple by my phone.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, we decided just to walk around and shop for a little while. We did all the appropriate research regarding transportation to and from the aquarium to the zoo. There used to be a cruise between the two, but it doesn't open again until 2009. The bus was our only option since we really didn't want to drive. That would mean getting my vehicle out of that insanely ridiculous parking garage and having to park all over again. As it was, it took three guides to back into the space and I didn't feel like going through that stress again.

We planned the aquarium, IMAX, and the zoo all on Saturday. No one bothered to check the weather. A grievous error, in retrospect.

Owen found two little friends while we were at the aquarium.

One of the few pictures of Jack without Owen trying to pull him away from the tanks. Owen was so afraid something was going to happen to his brother...

Jack drug grandma around all day!

Right before the bottom fell out...seriously.

We got really wet...drenched is more like it. But, we made the most of it and walked pretty much the entire way around the zoo. It rained the entire time so we missed quite a few animals. Apparently, the animals have sense enough to get in out of the rain.

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