Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm not going to make excuses as to why it has been ONE MONTH since my last post. I do know that once my mother writes me an e-mail and asks for a blog post it has been far too long.

Summer is upon us which means Jack's second birthday is just around the corner. I'll be busy planning and preparing for that. As of now, I have no idea where it will be held or what the theme will be this year.

I've been busy switching to my new laptop since the other one had issues. I have the worst luck with laptops. Hopefully this new one will hold out for a while. I've narrowed my list of blogs down to the ones that I really read daily. Which is sadly too many to admit to here. That was an all day job.

AND I've been cooking pretty much every day.
I'll pause while you pick yourself up off the floor.
Mmmkay? I realize that I go through phases (blogging, crafting, cooking, reading, exercising) and once I jump in, there is no turing back...until I find a new phase and head off in that direction.

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