Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jack's Birthday Playdate

Jack turned two last Sunday (which we spent in the car driving home from vacation). To make it up to him, we're celebrating not once, but twice!

Today, we had some friends over for Jack's birthday playdate. Although I'd love to show some pictures with his little friends, I can't publish those pictures of other people's children, so you'll just have to take my word for it that there were people present. ;)

The theme? Bob the Builder...and I wish I could take credit for this idea but the cupcake template was found here. They were super simple to put together and the hats weren't difficult, at all.

We'll have his actual birthday party this Sunday at a local bouce place. In an effort to make things as easy on myself as possible, I'm ordering a cake for that party and letting someone else make it.

While researching ideas/cakes/etc. for his birthday, I came across some other great ideas which I'll share here, just in case anyone is googling children's construction party ideas!

Cute Backhoe Cake
Bakerella--Make Your Cupcakes Pop!
Bob the Builder Cake
Construction Birthday Cake

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