Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whew! A lot has happened in the last few weeks and I really don't have that many pictures to memorialize the moments. When I decided months ago that I would like to attend the Usborne Books National Convention in Tulsa and that I absolutely didn't want to fly, Tommy decided that he and the boys would come with me and we'd make it a "family" vacation.

During our trip planning, we tried to research a half-way point to make the trip a little more bearable for the kids, as well as ourselves. We finally decided upon Hot Springs, Arkansas as our half-way point (even though it technically was a little more than half way between Mobile and Tulsa).

We spent two days in Hot Springs. The water park there, Crystal Falls, was a big hit! There were so many things for the children to do there. There were three or four different pools with kiddie slides, as well as the lazy river. We were all a little water logged at the end of the day. I didn't take the camera to the water park and I'm really sad I missed out on so many photo opportunities. We had a hard time dragging the boys away at the end of the day!

Hot Springs, Arkansas---The Hot Springs Mountain Tower

When we arrived in Tulsa, we went to their water park and it was a disappointment compared to the water park in Hot Springs. Tommy took the boys to the Tulsa Zoo while I was attending workshops on Saturday. I hear they had a lot of fun, even though Tommy was hot and Owen wanted to ride on his shoulders the entire time. I'm sad I missed it.

Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum---Train Ride

Of course, we have plenty of pictures of the happenings inside the hotel room.

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