Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seward Family Farm Corn Maze

Yesterday we went on a little "field trip" to a nearby corn maze. The boys had a great time sliding on the slides, playing in the tractor frame, and shooting corn ears from an air gun (which Owen says was his favorite part).

I wish I had a picture of Jack on this ride, but he was in the car with me (behind Owen). I think this was the longest ride of my life. All the moms went on the ride and we were a little banged up toward the end! These are actually barrels they have painted into cars and hooked together. Really neat, but somewhat of a tight sqeeze!

The corn maze was neverending but Owen and his friend were great little navigators!

We were there for a little over three hours and wished we could have stayed a little longer. The weather was nice and it wasn't too hot. I think it reminded us all that fall is just around the corner. Thank goodness!

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