Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mosaic Squares Pictures

Owen loves to do "crafts" and Jack likes to do anything his brother does. I made a promise to myself many years ago that when I had children I'd try to create lasting memories. I can't tell you the fond memories I have of my parents taking time out of their work week to help with a project or teach me some important skill. It's the little things, I think.

I'll never forget my dad helping me make a shadow box in second grade. It was a park scene with benches, trees, walking path, and even little birds nibbling breadcrumbs off the ground. The teacher liked it so much she asked to keep it.

Anyway, we do crafty things all the time, and I figured where better to document those projects than here.

Since the boys are still too little to conceptualize a picture for their mosaics, I just drew an outline of a Christmas tree for them. I also cut out the squares, but the rest of the handiwork is theirs.

Jack did an excellent job, and though I knew his attention span wouldn't see him through to the end of this project, he lasted longer than I thought he would.

Apparently, a pacifier is essential to serious crafting.

They both loved the "blue glue" stick, The label lies though, because it doesn't dry clear. I like those sticks because the children can see where they have applied glue and tend not to use too much.

Owen is proficient with all my paper punches and he decided he needed the circle for ornaments.

All in all, a perfect project for today!

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