Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to start putting the Christmas decorations away before the new year. I think we actually might have New Year's Eve plans (along with a babysitter) this year, that is if we don't chicken out and decide to stay home. It could happen.

We had babysitters today and were supposed to go to a movie, but instead we spent hours running around looking for Jack a four wheeler like Owen's. Something much too technical for me, was wrong with the accelerator on his Gator so we had to return it. We decided not to get another Gator because they both seemed to like the four wheeler so much, why not get two?

We should have just went to the movie since every Wal-Mart/Toys R Us, etc. within a hundred miles of us was sold out. Each store had about six Gators in stock, though. We ended up ordering one online and they'll just have to share until it gets here.

On a more random note, I finally got around to watching The Happening today. I didn't hate it. I expected to since I've read so many bad reviews. I'm not an actress, but there was some pretty awful acting going on. I'm a fan of Zooey Deschanel, but she was channeling Juliette Lewis in that role.

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