Sunday, December 28, 2008

Project 365
I'm starting Project 365 for 2009. Since the week officially starts on a Sunday, I'm starting a little early so I won't have any blank spaces in the front of the album.

The kit goes on sale January 1st so I figured in order to see this project through to completion, I will put the pictures and journaling here on my blog. Well, at least until the kit actually arrives at my house.

Sure, many scrapbookers have decided to forego the purchase of the kit and make their own "Project 365" album. I just like the fact that it is all put together, coordinated, and comes right to my door. I figured I'd spend way more money if I put a kit together myself.

Project 365 (Day 1)

This is the view of our bed when Tommy is gone to the hunting camp. I should have slept soundly knowing I had two superheroes to protect me from evil doers, (That is if I weren't dodging feet, knees, and elbows all night.)

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