Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can't believe I have actually kept up with taking a picture a day for 25 days, so far. The album is coming together and the process is fairly simple. Putting the pictures on my blog really helps when I have the hard copies back and the journaling is already there. I just have to copy it.

Project 365 (Day 25)

I am addicted to magazines and the mail carrier can attest to this fact. The magazines pictured are just the ones I currently subscribe to, not the ones I purchase at the store. My all time favorite is Paper Crafts. My new favorites are the Scrapbook Trends magazines. I always have to have some gossip magazines in the rotation for good measure, as well.

Not pictured: Martha Stewart Living, Craft, and the boys' magazines (Highlights Hidden Pictures, Animal Baby, and Your Big Backyard).

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