Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been a little sick with a head cold these past few days. Yesterday, I grabbed a DayQuil and headed out for my normal hour at the gym for Turbo Kick at 5:30. Today, I just couldn't make it, so I stayed home and made spaghetti instead. I thought I had a can of Prego in the pantry, but when I went to retrieve it, it turned out to be a can of salsa I remembered seeing and not spaghetti sauce.

My easy recipe turned a little more complex when I had to make my own sauce. Since I'm a fan of the sweetness of canned sauce, I always have to add sugar to homemade spaghetti sauce, though.

Anyway, we settled down early around here and watched American Idol. The boys gathered around the computer to watch the latest episode of Planet Heroes that we don't own on DVD.

Project 365 (Day 24)

The boys gather around Tommy's laptop to watch the latest episode of Planet Heroes. Owen loves to play games on the computer, but he makes me hide the mouse when Jack comes around. I'm guessing he thinks Jack is a little too young for computer games.

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