Saturday, September 05, 2009

Still Kicking
Still here! Just enjoying a few days off, but it's not very easy since we still have to worry about moving our furniture (and all my junk) from the house in Mobile.

I am really enjoying teaching kindergarten. They are a great group of children and I am pretty lucky to share this year with them.

A few weeks ago, Aunt Cindy brought Cousin Shelby out to visit us at the beach. We swam in the pool and then went to Fort Pickens for a little history lesson. ;)

I promise that we didn't climb on the gun. Well one of us didn't anyway.

Who took this picture?

Shelby, Owen, and a door

I think Jack is showing Aunt Cindy that his fingers are sticky.

Aunt Cindy and Owen

Swimming in the ocean or just being tossed around by the waves...whichever

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