Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!
This year we had one UPS man and one pirate.

We had to leave a little early because we had some stops to make.

We stopped by Aunt Bev's to trick-or-treat before going to the church. The boys loaded up on candy there.

The UPS man lost his shoe. Look at all the candy and that's just Jack's bag.

Jack participating in the Cake Walk. At some point he actually did win some cupcakes.

Me and the best looking UPS guy I've ever seen.

Our family.


Anonymous said...

I just love their costumes! They are so cute!
But why is Tommy wearing a mask. Tell him I said to take it off, it's scary!!! Love you, Aunt Johnnie

Lisanne said...

Where did you get the UPS costume? Lucas would have LOVED that ... he ADORES UPS!