Sunday, December 06, 2009

I'm here! We've had a rough month with illness, building the house, etc. I do have some pictures to post for my mom, though! I'll be back with those.

Owen turned five on November 13 and he wanted to celebrate his birthday at our favorite Japanese restaurant. For the first time, it was just our family only at his little birthday party. I asked him where he wanted to have his party and the Japanese restaurant was his answer. He doesn't realize how much money he saved his mom and dad ;)

All of our decorations and trees are packed in boxes, so we purchased a little 6 foot tree and decorated it a few weekends ago. I let the kids do all the decorating and I've tried not to move ornaments every time I walk by the tree. It's a struggle for me wanting everything just perfect. I'm working on it.

My kindergarteners are certainly aware that we only have two more weeks of school. That, coupled with the full moon recently makes them a little more chatty than normal. We've been making holiday decorations and I have more planned for the next two weeks. Only ten more school days left, but who's counting?

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