Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Re-cap

Whew! Our spring break week flew by. I was sad to see the time come to an end, but I was a little more sad to hear the alarm clock this morning!

I spent most of the week unpacking box after box, and I'm still not finished. We still have plenty to do around here, though.

Tommy finally started working on our columns on the front of the house on Saturday. He didn't finish that evening, so he had to get up early Sunday to complete the job, which actually wasn't completed until Sunday evening...but we won't go there. He had to stop working to attend the Easter festivities, though.

We started off the day with an egg hunt/lunch at Tommy's aunt's house.

Jack had to check out the contents of each egg before he'd go find another one.

Next, we headed over to Aunt Jackie's for more lunch and another egg hunt.

Jack was a little more into this egg hunt, but both boys were deterred by the big pile of leaves in Aunt Jackie's yard (as evidenced by the pictures below).

Who needs snow to make angels?

Tommy left early to make it back to work on our columns. He had plenty of help back home, but my usually VERY careful husband put a nail through his finger with the nail gun! ((Shudder)) I didn't find this out until I returned home, though. He finished the job even though I'm sure he was in pain.

Above the stone, there used to just be 4x4 boards as columns, but my incredible husband fashioned these columns from concrete board. Some of the columns still need trim around the bottoms and we need to paint all of them, but I love the way they turned out. He's a keeper! :)

While Tommy worked into dark, the boys played in their redneck sandbox. For entertainment, they just hopped on their grandpa's dog and tried to ride him. Poor Buster is a good sport.

Tommy did finally go to the doctor today. They x-rayed his finger to make sure it wasn't fractured, etc. His fingers fine, but he had to get a tetanus shot. They also sent him home with some antibiotic and pain killer. Thank goodness he's fine.

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