Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jack's Sixth Birthday

I can't believe my baby is SIX! It's been so long since I've checked in here, I'm surprised I remembered the password. We celebrated Jack's real birthday with a trip to our favorite (and his) Japanese restaurant, Tokyo.

A discussion with Jack at six years old...

Tell me a joke? "Why did the frog go to McDonalds? Because he's going to buy french flies."

What is your favorite thing to do? "Play this new game on my iPad and I love to play with my Legos."

Who is your best friend? "You" (We've been working on that all year ;)

Ok, who do you love the most? "Mom! That's an easy question."

What is your favorite drink? "Root Beer"

What is your favorite thing to watch? "Fact or Faked" (We love this show!)

What is your favorite color? "Blackish-orange" (Wha?)

What is your favorite fish? "Swordfish"

Anything else you want to say on your birthday? "Hmmm, let me think. I love Legos."
BTW, I'm very upset that the picture host I paid monthly, VillagePhotos went down months ago with promises of finding a new server and coming back on line. All of the pictures in my archives are lost. So until I find and replace them, the archives are a mess. Not that anyone reads this blog anyway, but still it's sad.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Owen!

Dearest Blog,
Long time, no see. I need to be better about updating. Same story, different month.

We celebrated Owen's seventh birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with some dear friends and classmates. We were the only official birthday party during our time slot which was pretty nice.

A discussion with Owen at seven years old.

Tell me a joke? "Why did the swordfish cross the sea? Because a shark called him beaky." (No, I don't get it either)

What is your favorite thing to do? "Play my DS"

Who is your best friend? "Jack" (Awwwww)

Ok, who do you love the most? "Mom"

What is your favorite drink? "Mountain Dew" (When has he had this drink???)

What is your favorite thing to watch? "Cartoon Network" (When has he watched CN?)

What is your favorite color? "White & Orange & Green"

What is your favorite fish? "Grouper"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack Jack

On Tuesday, Jack celebrated his fifth birthday! How can I be the mother of a five year old? Where has the time gone?

We spent his birthday night at everyone's favorite restaurant (in our house, anyway) Tokyo. Jack loves the soup, the rice, the steak, and of course the obligatory onion volcano complete with pepper fireworks.

A discussion with Jack at five years old.

Tell me a joke? "You know what 'tata' means? Tata means booty in English."

What is your favorite thing to do? "Fishing with my new fishing pole, and my new bait, and hooks."

Who is your best friend? "Dad" (thanks, Jack)

Ok, who do you love the most? "Mom" (Good job, we've been practicing that)

What is your favorite drink? "Root Beard" (He calls it that, and no, we don't correct him)

What is your favorite thing to watch? "The Cat in the Hat Knows Alot About That"

What is your favorite color? "Blue" (evidenced by every school supply he picked out for kindergarten)

What is your favorite fish? "Sharks"

Now we are gearing up for his Pirate Birthday Party on Saturday. Should be fun times.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Been a little depressed these last few days. Friday, March 18th, would have been my dad's 75th birthday. I know that everyone who loves someone feels they left this earth way too soon, so I'm not alone in that way of thinking.

My father loved life! He was always whistling or singing or learning something new.

He believed in telling the truth so you wouldn't have to remember a lie later.

I could tell him how I truly felt, and we could agree to disagree.

When he was around, I always knew that I was loved.

He tried to protect us from rejection, from heartbreak, and at the end from the illness that would eventually take his life.

There's not a day I don't think about him.

It saddens me deeply that he will never know my boys. He would have loved them.

Speaking of those two little turkeys...

The boys played in their first ever t-ball game yesterday. They play on the same team and have been practicing for a couple of weeks now. I just have to say that some of those parents are a little too over invested in their child's t-ball experience...if you know what I mean. This is not a major league game we're playing here, people.

The boys' team won 26 to 24. Not that they really cared, they just were ready for a snack and some sweet tea. I was ready for a nap and a Tylenol.

I sure do love these two!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Owen decided to make a leprechaun trap last night about ten minutes before time to go to bed.

Unfortunately, that crafty leprechaun took his golden bait and left him with some chocolate. The leprechaun didn't leave our house without making a little mess and leaving our toilet water green.

What's really hilarious is that Tommy had no idea about the toilet water and wondered what was going on when he finally woke up this morning to take Jack to school.

The only pictures I took today were at school. I have a headache from all of the "festivities"! One of my cutie pies came in this morning with a green moustache and hat. What a cutie!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So Thankful:

  • For those two rugrats pictured above

  • For my husband who is currently practicing the guitar in the living room. I'm so glad he is still with us, able to walk (albeit with a limp), and able to enjoy a new safer hobby.

  • For time spent with my precious family last night. We enjoyed the John Conlee (Rose Colored Glasses, Common Man) concert and I couldn't help thinking how much my dad would have loved it.

  • That my FIL came by this morning and helped Tommy move the gargantuan television out of the hallway. Since it bit the dust a few weeks ago and we bought a new one for the bedroom, it's been sitting in the hall. Not anymore! :)

  • I can take a nap later today. I'm not a fan of Daylight Savings Time.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

So, I'm b-a-c-k! I'm not going to even make excuses for how long it has been since I posted an update to this poor neglected blog.

It's just like a soap opera around here, you miss a couple of months, and you can catch up by just watching one day.

A brief recap:

June 2010

Built a pool (well we didn't, the pool company did)

Grandpa planted watermelons and we enjoyed them by the pool. So much so that the seeds which were spit out into the yard began to sprout and we had our own little watermelon vine.

July 2010

Celebrated Jack's 4th birthday with a Thomas the Tank Engine pool party

Owen became an artist

August 2010

Owen started Kindergarten

Jack started PK4

October 2010

Tommy was in a horrific four wheeler accident in Georgia which left him unable to walk for 3 months.
No pictures of this event, well there actually is one, but you wouldn't want to see it.

We celebrated Halloween

November 2010

We went to the fair and took lots of pictures since Tommy couldn't be there with us.

Jack's first trip to the ER.He ran in front of the swing while his brother was swinging.

We celebrated Owen's 6th birthday with a party at home. We also went out to our favorite Japanese restaurant the night before. We opted to forego the huge party this year and just let Owen go to Target and pick out three toys he really wanted. His choices? A Leapster Explorer, a new game, and some Legos.

December 2010

You can barely see Tommy's wheelchair in this one. Thank goodness he doesn't need it anymore.

Jack serenaded everyone at his grandparents' house before opening presents.