Sunday, March 13, 2005

Owen Thomas you are a mess! You can now roll over (both ways). You seem to love rice cereal but aren't too keen on those organic apples I tried to feed you tonight. Your smile just melts your mommy's heart and when you squeal with delight I turn to mush. You are reaching out and batting things and it takes all we can do to keep you from wanting to stand up all the time.

I feel a little sorry for you being born to a mother like me who worries more than it's healthy to. I think you'll be going off to kindergarten and I'll still be counting how many breaths you are taking per minute. Your grandpa used to say, "There are no guarantees." And I know this is true. Life can change in an instant the way it did when they told me there was something wrong with your little heart. Defective they said. Even though it is fixed I won't truly relax because if I do, the bad karma demons may take notice and swoop in unexpectedly. I just keep thanking God for bringing you into my life. Because you are worth all the worry and all the sleepless nights.

Happy 4th month son. "There are no guarantees?" I'll have to respectfully disagree with grandpa, as I can guarantee that your mama will love you with every fiber of her being.

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