Monday, November 07, 2005

Not being one to sit around the house and miss a good bargain, I headed back out this morning for the last day of the sale. This time, I took Owen with me so my progress was much slower. In each department, you could fill a paper bag for one dollar. I spent a whopping $3.00. As I was leaving, I spied these little overalls.

Upon further inspection, they have a tag which reads "Swiss Embroidery Machine Washable Made in Switzerland." There isn't a stain on them.

The embroidery is lovely, but I especially love the small charms (a boot and a bell).

I showed them to Tommy and he could see why they landed in my bag. He wasn't quite so keen on the idea that Owen could be a little Swiss boy for Halloween next year and that I already bought the costume for a nickel.

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