Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just a few rants!

The boys, Owen especially always wants to stop by McDonalds on the way home from the gym. You'd think he wanted to stop for chicken nuggets or fries. No, not my boy, he wants the sweet tea. Can I just say how ugly the Star Wars bobblehead toys are? I mean, I'm not a huge Star Wars fan anyway, but couldn't they have just left that big head off the top?

The love bugs are driving me bonkers. They are everywhere; flying in the doors, on my car, gathered together on the columns of my house. Yuck!


Just to balance this post out with a little happiness and future blackmailing material. ;)

Yes, that is my oldest baby in the hotel room while we were on vacation. He's sporting my shoes. Good gracious at the toys all over the place!

While I'm posting embarrassing photos, I might as well be fair and post one of the baby. He's going to be like me...when he's 34 I'll still be calling him my baby. But I still won't know what this look was all about, though!

P.S. Don't mind his dirty shirt. He was on vacation!

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