Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Moon Sand

I have had this Moon Sand Castle Set in the pantry for about a year. Because I'm weird about wanting my kids to have neat creative art supplies, but even weirder about letting them actually "play" with them. There's a psychiatric consult waiting to happen. Anyway, I was worried that the sand would be dried out.

While Jack was taking a nap (which explains why he is absent from the pictures), we decided to take it down and give it a try. The sand did feel a little hard so I quickly skimmed the directions and added a little water. The sand didn't seem to absorb the water too easily. What's that--Oh, the directions state, "DO NOT add water or liquid to the sand for mixing purposes." Reading Comprehension anyone?

Anyway, the water I added didn't seem to mess it up at all. And that's not just wishful thinking. Where was this stuff when I was a little girl?

It is very easy to use and pack into the molds so the frustration level is lower than with regular sand.
This particular kit came with three sand molds and a shovel. The sand stays inside this inflatable sand box which velcros closed for storage.

It's also very easy to clean up...so two thumbs up from this anal mom.

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