Friday, January 02, 2009

In the new year. Some things I'll be working on...

I want to be so much greater than I am. I struggle with this daily. Fear of failure is huge on my list of inadequacies and probably keeps me from actually following through on 90% of the ideas that run through my head.

I worry too much. About everything. Especially my children.

I'm a control freak. If parts are missing from a toy/puzzle/etc. I can not rest until the part is found. Messes give me the shakes. I need to let go and live in the moment a little more...okay a lot more.

On a lighter note...
Project 365 (Day 6)

Owen had a surprise for me and brought me out of bed at around midnight. His daddy was supposed to be watching him in the living room, but I found him sound asleep in the chair. My surprise? Owen had decorated the fireplace with his colored Mickey Mouse pictures he had attached with stickers. He asked me if I was going to leave them up. Definitely. I just can't say for how long. ;)

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