Saturday, March 12, 2011

So, I'm b-a-c-k! I'm not going to even make excuses for how long it has been since I posted an update to this poor neglected blog.

It's just like a soap opera around here, you miss a couple of months, and you can catch up by just watching one day.

A brief recap:

June 2010

Built a pool (well we didn't, the pool company did)

Grandpa planted watermelons and we enjoyed them by the pool. So much so that the seeds which were spit out into the yard began to sprout and we had our own little watermelon vine.

July 2010

Celebrated Jack's 4th birthday with a Thomas the Tank Engine pool party

Owen became an artist

August 2010

Owen started Kindergarten

Jack started PK4

October 2010

Tommy was in a horrific four wheeler accident in Georgia which left him unable to walk for 3 months.
No pictures of this event, well there actually is one, but you wouldn't want to see it.

We celebrated Halloween

November 2010

We went to the fair and took lots of pictures since Tommy couldn't be there with us.

Jack's first trip to the ER.He ran in front of the swing while his brother was swinging.

We celebrated Owen's 6th birthday with a party at home. We also went out to our favorite Japanese restaurant the night before. We opted to forego the huge party this year and just let Owen go to Target and pick out three toys he really wanted. His choices? A Leapster Explorer, a new game, and some Legos.

December 2010

You can barely see Tommy's wheelchair in this one. Thank goodness he doesn't need it anymore.

Jack serenaded everyone at his grandparents' house before opening presents.

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